Welcome to Windows Phone 7 from the Trenches!

  1. Introduction to Windows Phone 7
  2. Getting Started
  3. Hello World! (coming soon)
    1. First Impressions Count
  4. Keeping the User Happy
    1. Creating Copyable Read-Only Text
    2. User-Friendly Input Pages
  5. Working with Maps and the Location Services
    1. APP: Car Finder. A reference application for mapping and the Location Services API.
    2. Showing the current location and an accuracy circle.
    3. Looking up an address based on your location using the WP7Contrib library.
    4. Changing the map source between the different Bing maps and to alternative sources such as OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap.
    5. Implementing analytics using Flurry.
  6. Working with the Device Sensors
    1. APP: Random Numbers. A reference application for using the accelerometer.
    2. Using the Shake Gesture Library to detect device motion.
    3. Implementing analytics using mtiks.
  7. Enjoying Some Fruity Mango Goodness
    1. Don’t Forget– A helper class for the Reminders API.